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Our company is dealing exclusively with business immigration to Lithuania programs, therefore we have gained many years of expertise and real world experience dealing with business registration and immigration procedures. Here you will find all necessary information, pricing and details about possible business immigration options to Lithuania by company or branch registration, immigration by investment or highly skilled job in your own company. There are a lot of information about it, and you should spend some time to study all details provided on our website.

It is possible to apply for business immigration to Lithuania in four different ways

  1. Company formation in Lithuania, start doing business and then apply for a residence permit;
  2. Buy already running business in Lithuania and apply for a residence permit in Lithuania instantly;
  3. Register a branch office in Lithuania of your foreign company and transfer yourself to work in a branch office;
  4. Register a company and employ yourself as a highly skilled professional.

Lithuania National Type D Visa: Good and cheap option to obtain yearly multiple entry visa to Lithuania and all other European Union countries. Register a company and apply for a yearly visa instantly.

Lithuania Short Term Business Visa: Perfect option for businessman who wants to establish a company and come for a short visit to explore the market and then take further decisions. In this case we will establish a company on behalf of you and will arrange official business invitation letter approved by Lithuanias migration department.

Business related services in Lithuania

You will get all necessary services from single company, our company provides wide variety of services: business visa to Lithuania, initial consultations about opportunities to start a business in Lithuania, legal services, accounting services. After your final decision we will register you a company or branch office and prepare residence permit application file if required. As well you will be provided with accounting services. If there is necessity we can change your company name, adjust share capital value, registration address and other company details.