Branch office registration in Lithuania

Updated: 2020-06-12

In some occasions our international clients already have running business in their native country and they prefer to establish a branch office in Lithuania. It is easier to fund Lithuanian company from foreign company. As well then they can transfer their own workers between mother company and representative office in Lithuania. The procedure is similar like registering a Lithuanian company. The difference is that in this case we would require from you to arrange foreign mother company registration extract from your local register of legal entities. This extract should be legalized by ministry of foreign affairs or approved by apostille. In the certificate following details about the company should be indicated:

  • Company name;
  • Company identification number;
  • Company legal address;
  • Legal form of company;
  • Register of legal entities name in which information about company is kept;
  • Director, or any other person who has a right to sign documents full name.

Required documents for branch registration in Lithuania:

  1. Foreign mother company legalized/ approved with apostille registration extract.
  2. Passport copy of branch office director;
  3. Living place address and contact details of branch office director.

Procedure: After deciding to establish a branch office in Lithuania we will need to get required information mentioned above to start preparing documents for a company transfer on your foreign company name. Within a day or two you will receive documents by email to sign with instructions how to properly sign each document. Then documents will have to be posted to our office address, to continue registration procedures we need to have original hardcopies of signed documents. It will take 5 business days to finalize registration procedures. Then we will post all registration documents to your provided address or you can come and collect documents personally from our office.