Law firm and legal services in Lithuania

Updated: 2018-08-18

There are certain situations when a lawyer or a professional legal advice is required in Lithuania, especially in business field. Our company specializes in business, corporate and immigration law. Our experienced business immigration consultants and lawyers will represent you in commercial, tax and regulatory disputes, court sessions. As well lawyers provides initial consultations regarding various matters and then together with client decides what further actions should be taken.

In each case we always try to find a best solution for client to avoid filling documents for the court procedures. It is always recommended to find a solution between parties in a good will. If compromise cannot be reached in a good will then our law firm in Lithuania will arrange necessary documents to submit the case for the court. It is very important to provide for court judges as many evidences as possible to keep the case going in our favor. If there will be a lack of evidence the court can decide not to investigate the case and return documents back to client without any further action taken.

If client is not residing in the Republic of Lithuania it is possible to make all actions through power of attorney and clients presence in Lithuania will not be mandatory, because he will be represented by a lawyer in Lithuania and all actions will be taken by him. Usually a simple court case takes around six months if it is more difficult and the defendant party does not agree with your claim made at court, they will be providing counter evidences and the whole court procedure might take even a year and even more until final court decision.

Immigration lawyers in Lithuania Vilnius

It is very important to have a good Lithuanian immigration consultant or lawyer while immigrating to Lithuania. There are cases when migration department takes decision not in favor of client and client doesn‘t feel that migration department took a right decision. In this case it is possible to appeal Lithuanias migration department decision within 14 calendar days after they issued you a written decision to reject your visa or residence permit.

If client is applying for a visiting visa for Lithuania and gets rejected by Lithuania embassy it is possible to appeal their decision in Lithuanias court and if applicant provides enough evidences, the court can obligate Lithuanian embassy to issue client a visa. The same applies for migration department in Lithuania if they didn‘t renew or didn‘t issue a residence permit it is possible appeal in the same way and court can obligate migration department to issue you a residence permit.

If you have faced any issues or problems with government immigration institutions we immigration lawyers in Lithuania will assist you appealing negative decisions in the court and represent you through all the court procedures and sessions.

Administrative court Lithuania Vilnius

Administrative court Lithuania Vilnius

Judicial system in Lithuania

A court is institution established by law and is responsible for justice. To prevent any interference in case investigations courts are made independant of any other government institutions, political parties, officials, organisations or any other possible concerned persons. There are total of 6 different court type jurisdictions in Lithuania.

A district court

It is a first instance court for criminal and civil cases assigned to its jurisdiction by law. Judges of district court can also perfom funtions of pre-trial.

A Regional court

It is a first instance court for criminal, civil cases, appeal instance judgements, decisions taken by district court. The Chairman of a regional court organizes and controls the administrative activities of district courts and their judges.

The court of appeal

It is appeal instance for cases heard by regional courts as courts of first instance. It also hears requests for the recognition of decisions of foreign or international courts. The Chairman of the Court of Appeal organizes and controls the administrative activities of the regional courts and their judges.

The supreme court of Lithuania

It is the only court of cassation instance for reviewing effective judgements, decisions, rulings and orders of the courts of general jurisdiction. It develops a uniform court practice in the interpretation and application of laws and other legal acts.

A regional administrative court

It is the court of special jurisdiction established for hearing complaints in respect of administrative acts. In the court can be investigated disputes in the field of public administration, tax disputes, etc. Before applying to an administrative court, individual legal acts or actions taken by entities of public administration provided by law may be disputed in the pre-trial procedure.

The supreme administrative court

It is the first and final instance for administrative cases assigned to its jurisdiction by law. It is appeal instance for cases concerning decisions, rulings and orders of regional administrative courts, as well as for cases involving administrative offences from decisions of district courts. This court as well develops a uniform practice of administrative courts in the interpretation and application of laws and other legal acts.