Long and Short Term Lithuanian Business Schengen Visa

Updated: 2019-02-20

If non-European Union citizen wants to come to the Republic of Lithuania to explore local markets and meet potential business partners it is possible to apply for a long or short term business visa through Lithuania.

One year business visa

Foreigner who registers a new company in Lithuania has right to apply for Lithuanian visiting visa which is called National Type D visa. This visa allows foreigner to stay in Lithuania and other European Union countries all year long. During this time foreigner can exit and enter European Union as many times as he needs, entries are not limited.

This is the one of most easiest and fastest way to obtain a long term Schengen visa. It is not a residence permit but it will allow you to depart and return to Lithuania and other European Union countries multiple times for one year period. This kind of National type D visa in Lithuania is issued for start-up companies, which are freshly registered. Visa is issued for one year term and after its expiration date it cannot be renewed or prolonged. The only way to prolong applicant stay duration in the republic of Lithuania is to apply for a residence permit under the same company basis. It is possible to apply for a national type D visa total four persons under one company registration.

To apply for Lithuanian national type D visa foreigner must meet following requirements:

  1. Has to be a shareholder or a director of freshly registered company in Lithuania;
  2. Companies share capital has to be not less than 28’000 Eur;

These are two main requirements to obtain one year business visa to Lithuania. This kind of a visa after one year is not renewable, after this period foreigner has to apply for a residence permit or regular type C Schengen visa or leave the territory of European Union.

Procedure: Company registration takes 5 business days, then we will prepare necessary supporting documents for application form within 5 business days. Decision by the migration department takes around 2 weeks to come out. Applicant can submit documents in any Lithuanian embassy abroad or submit documents directly in Lithuania migration department. For company registration personal appearance is not mandatory. After submitting documents documents for a visa, applicant is allowed to stay in Lithuania until final decision is taken regarding his visa application.

Visitor visa

Schengen visa can be single or multiple entry, the difference is that foreigner will be allowed to come to European Union and leave only once or multiple times with the same single visa.

Short term business visa is called Type-C Schengen visa.

Foreigner willing to apply for a Lithuanian business visa can submit application file to any nearest Lithuanian embassy or representative embassy of another European Union country which issues visa on Behalf of Lithuania. For example in Pakistan there is Hungarian embassy in Pakistan which issues visas on behalf of Lithuania, Spanish embassy issues visa on behalf of Lithuania on Iran, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Belgium and French embassies issues visa on behalf of Lithuania in Nigeria. There are and other countries where representative embassies can issue Schengen visa on behalf of Lithuania.

To apply for a single entry short-term Type-C Lithuanian business visa it is necessary to submit following documents:

  1. A valid passport, which will be valid more than three months after visa expiration date. The passport should be issued within the last 10 years;
  2. Fill Lithuanian visa application form online here;
  3. One 35x45mm size colorful picture for the application form;
  4. Documents stating your business travel to Lithuania purpose. Usually it is company registration documents in Lithuania and business invitation letter approved by the Lithuanias Migration department issued from our company for you to come to Lithuania. This works as an insurance that we will take care after you while you will be staying in the territory of Republic of Lithuania;
  5. Health insurance for the value of 30’000 Eur valid in all Schengen territory;
  6. Hotel reservation receipt or proof of funds showing that you will be able to buy accommodation services in Lithuania;
  7. Bank statement showing that the applicant has enough money to live in Lithuania for the visa validity period. Currently it is 40 Eur per day. If you are willing to stay in Lithuania for 10 days then you will have to prove that you have minimum 400 Eur of fund available with you. We recommend to provide approved bank statement;
  8. Any additional documents showing what are you working in your native country, any business background, job experience, employment contracts, business ownership document, education diplomas or any other documents helping to Embassy officer to verify that you are a genuine businessman;
  9. Pay consular fee of 60 Eur.
Lithuanian visa online form application

Lithuanian visa online form application

If foreigner need to be coming and leaving Lithuania for multiple times it is possible to apply for a multiple entry short-term Type-C Lithuanian visa, this kind of a visa is issued under following circumstances and van be valid up to one year period:

  1. Foreigner has relatives who are living in the Republic of Lithuania;
  2. Foreigner has a residence permit in a European Union country which is not a part of a Schengen zone;
  3. Foreigner owns any kind of a real estate in Lithuania. There are no minimal requirements for the size, location or value of real estate;
  4. Foreigner is a director or board member of a foreign company which has registered a branch office in Lithuania;
  5. Foreigner who has already been issued for two times single entry Lithuanian Schengen visas.

After expiration of one year period visa foreigner can apply for two year Schengen visa under the same basis and the third time he is eligible to apply for a three year multiple entry Schengen visa under the same basis.

Business invitation letter

We always recommend foreigners to register a company in Lithuania to have a good basis for Lithuanian business visa application. After registration our company will issue two business invitation letters to come to Lithuania. These invitation letters works as an assurance for migration department and embassy that our company will take care visitor during his stay in Lithuania. Such business invitation letter takes around three to five days to get approved by Lithuanias migration department.

Our company will have to submit necessary documents for invitation approval. After approval department will issue confirmation reference number and invitation letter copy, which will have to be provided to Lithuanian embassy abroad. They do not issue any original hardcopies of invitation letter if foreigner is applying through Lithuanian embassy abroad. If foreigner will be applying through representative embassy, for example in Pakistan through Hungarian embassy, which issued visas on behalf of Lithuania, then migration department will issue original hard copy of invitation letter approved by stamp and officer signature. This letter will have to be included within application form.

Business invitation letter is good only for single entry Lithuanian visas. If foreigner wish to obtain multiple entry visas, it is necessary to apply under different basis.

Buying a real estate in Lithuania

If foreigner owns real estate in Lithuania he is eligible to apply for a one year multiple entry Schengen visa. It does not require to spend minimum amount of money, the only thing it matter it is that the real estate premises would be dedicated for living, where the foreigner could live. It is not hard to purchase a small flat in a small village for the amount starting from 5’000 Eur. After purchasing the flat foreigner can apply for a multiple entry one year Schengen visa.

Director or board member of foreign company with a branch office in Lithuania

If foreigner owns a company or is at least a director of a foreign company registered outside European Union it is possible to register a branch office in Lithuania and under this basis apply for a multiple entry Lithuanian business visa. To come and setup or look after their mother company branch office in Lithuania.