Business premises, registration address, virtual office in Lithuania. Which one do you really need and how it works?

Updated: 2018-09-10

Like in most countries worldwide, everyone has to have its registration address, Lithuania is no exception for this. Each natural and legal person has to have its registration address indicated in the government registers. Currently Lithuanian government is considering a new law that it would allow registering new companies with no physical address indicated. Because nowadays a lot of company workers are working remotely and they do not need to have any office and all of them are using virtual office services. But still this new law didn’t come into force and now company formation in Lithuania requires to have registration address indicated. It is not possible to register a company without it.

If you don’t own any commercial or living premises in Lithuania you will have to find premises where landlord would issue written or digital permission to register a company on his property address.

All our registered companies already have registration address for unlimited time included in the price.

Company registration address in Lithuania

Registration address is a legal formality that is needed to be accomplished for a successful company registration. It doesn’t mean that the company has to be established in the same address and rent an office there. It is a normal practice when company registration address and real physical office address are different. There are no problems for that while doing a business. Many companies already running successful business in this way. Unless you want to impress your potential or current clients that they would see your company registered in luxurious business premises or locations.

So basically company registration address is just a legal formality which isn’t worth much talking.

Renting an office, business premises in Lithuania

Before starting a business and hiring employees you have to decide whether you need an office or employees will be working remotely from their own homes or offices and no office will be required. In case business premises will be required, the search will begin by deciding which location to choose. As we all know capital city, old town and city center overall are ones of the most expensive locations in Lithuania. You could save a lot of money by renting an office in Vilnius district.

Here bellow you will find few graphs showing average office rent price change in one year period.

Average office monthly rent rate in Vilnius city is around 8 Eur for square meter.

Average office monthly rent rate in Vilnius city is around 8 Eur for square meter.

Average office monthly rent rate in Kaunas and Klaipeda cities is 6 Eur for 1 square meter.

Average office monthly rent rate in Kaunas and Klaipeda cities is 6 Eur for 1 square meter.

Average office monthly rent rate in Siauliai city is 3,5 Eur for 1 square meter.

Average office monthly rent rate in Siauliai city is 3,5 Eur for 1 square meter.

In the charts you see average pricing in different cities. Actual pricing might be different accordingly to chosen location, floor, interior design, parking lots nearby, office total area and other factors which may increase or decrease the average pricing for the square meter.

After signing rent agreement landlords in Lithuania usually takes a security deposit of two month rent amount. Security deposit will be returned to you after the rent contract will expire. Additionally to the rent fee you will have to cover your own office utilities bill, like electricity, water, heating, cleaning etc.

As well before signing a contract you may ask a permission to register your company legal address on these business premises. In this case your registration address and office address will be the same. It might be worth doing it if you are planning to stay in the same office for at least several years, otherwise it might be too much hassle changing registration address if you will be switching offices each several months. Each time legal registration address of a company will have to be updated at Lithuanias company register center.

While having an office you will have your own working space but what if you don’t need any office, you and your workers are working remotely but you want to have an active business address?

Virtual office in Lithuania

This kind of service is dedicated for companies which are always on the go and they don’t want to own an office and take care after all those office daily routines like buying printing paper, pencils, furnitures, fix if something gets broken, pay many different bills for office utilities etc.

In this case virtual office is ideal solutions. For the same or even less money amount you can order virtual office services at one of the many professional business centers in Lithuania. You will get meeting rooms, shares or personal working areas, restaurants nearby, secretary, printing, scanning machine, coffee, wi-fi, post collection service and all other stuff that is necessary to run a business whenever you need. And you will not need to bother about office maintenance. It might be a really good choice for a startup company or any other business which doesn’t need to be fixed in one place.