Running business for sale in Lithuania

Updated: 2018-08-19

It is very comfortable and useful for investors to buy already running business in the Republic of Lithuania. There are many available options of businesses to purchase and choose from. It has some advantages against starting a new business in Lithuania. Before buying a business you can check how it is performing, see financial results, meet business owners and talk with them. Purchasing a running business in Lithuania you will obtain everything that is necessary to run it. You will get already employed and experienced employees, established collaboration contracts with clients, stable sales, cash flow and of course smaller or bigger profits at the end of a day.

Usually during business purchase – sale process, the shares of company are being transferred to new owners, everything else remains unaltered ad company keeps working further. New shareholders have a right to dedicate a new director of the company, who is responsible for the whole business activities and development. If you feel satisfied with current director, there is no need to elect a new one. You don’t need to be employed in the company to run in.

Invest in Lithuania for residency

Lithuania has a lot of business opportunities to start with. Purchasing a running business will give another one big advantage. Citizens of non-European Union countries may apply for a residence permit in Lithuania under the basis of owning a running business in Lithuania.

Our company will assist you through all procedures starting with a search of running business as per your requirements. The best is when new owners already have some business experience in their native country about the business they are willing to purchase. It makes many things to go easier. But it is not a big deal if you don’t have your own business background, because to maintain and develop running business is much more easier than establishing and developing a freshly registered company.

After finding a suitable business to buy our immigration experts will check if the company qualifies for residence permit requirements. Running company purchase can be done remotely without new owner presence in Lithuania. After finalizing sale – purchase contract we will prepare necessary files for you to apply for a residence permit in the nearest Lithuanian embassy or in Lithuania migration department.

Immigration from in India to Lithuania is easy and straightforward. Lithuania has anembassy in New Delhi, where you can apply for any kind a visa or residence permit and you will be issued visa in the same embassy to come to Lithuania.

Immigration from Pakistan to Lithuania is little bit different because Lithuania does not have its own embassy there. Instead, Hungarian embassy in Islamabad deals on behalf of Lithuania. Here you can apply for a Lithuanian Schengen visa, but you are not allowed to apply for a residence permit through Hungarian embassy. In this case you would need to come to Lithuania and submit documents here or reach nearest Lithuanian embassy to apply for a residence permit.

Advantages of buying a running business in Lithuania:

  • Company with business activity history, which is required by migration department;
  • Business bank statement ready to prove that business is active;
  • Workers already employed and working for a full day;
  • Company with premise lease agreement, no need to look for a new office;
  • Generating profits, no need for further investments in the company;
  • Apply instantly for a residence permit in Lithuania;
  • Up to four foreigners might be included in one company to apply for a residence permi.