How to reach Lithuania by plane, bus or ship

Updated: 2018-09-12

There are many ways how to come to Lithuania. In country there are airports in several cities, bus stations in each city and one seaport which is working all year long, the sea port doesn’t freeze during winter season. As we see there are many ways how to reach Lithuania. The most popular, fastest and comfortable way is by taking a plane. In Lithuania we have three airports located in capital city Vilnius (VNO), Kaunas (KUN) and Palanga (PLQ).


Vilnius (VNO) airport is the biggest airport in Lithuania, which was established in 1944 year. And nowadays it serves more than 2,5 millions of passengers in 2018.

Kaunas (KUN) airport was established in 1988 year and each year it serves more and more passengers offering more different destination coutries worldwide.

Palanga (PLQ) airport was built in 1937 year. It is the oldest still working airport in Lithuania. Due to its age it was several times reconstructed and reconditioned to meet latest safety requirements for planes and passengers.

In 1989, a group of French scientists from the institute announced that the geographical center of Europe was just little bit north of the Lithuanian capital city Vilnius. It means that to reach any European country is easy and fast. Airlines are offering direct flights to more than 28 different countries and 92 different routes to those countries. These numbers are really great.

For example from Vilnius airport to Poland capital city Warsaw you can get in one hour, to Germany capital city Berlin 1 hour 35 minutes, United Kingdom capital city London 2 hours 50 minutes only. It is very easy to do international business in Lithuania, it will be convenient to travel for you and your partners to come and visit you in Vilnius.

If you are a non European Union citizen and you have Lithuanian residence permit card most probably you will have to use connecting flights through Helsinki, London, Warsaw or any other European Union city. We have direct flights from Egypt, Turkey, but there is no direct flights from Pakistan, Indian, China and some other countries as well.

Airport entrance in Vilnius

Airport entrance in Vilnius

Bus stations

Coming by bus might be a challenge for some people, because it might take many hours travelling by bus to reach your destination in Lithuania, unless you are in no rush and like sightseeing while travelling.

In each city there are bigger or smaller bus stations. Major stations are established in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda city. If you are looking for bus tickets to get to Lithuania, there major countries should be your preference.

Sea port

Klaipeda is very nice city in the view of infrastructure. It has Sea port, international bus station, and nearby an airport. All sea freights from other countries first of all comes to Klaipeda sea port and are further distributed. Passengers can travel with DFDS ferry routes to Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Netherland, France, Norway. You can check available ferry tickets here.

Sea port in Klaipeda city

Sea port in Klaipeda city

Train stations

As well in Lithuania there are train stations but they do not offer much international routes, mostly local routes. There is no reason why you should be trying to get here by train. As we all could agree, planes are the best and most efficient way to travel between countries.