How to recruit, hire and in case fire employees in Lithuania

Updated: 2018-09-16

Good staff is a cornerstone in each successfully operating company, there are no exceptions for this. After you have finished company registration process in Lithuania you may be thinking about hiring some additional staff to help you out with simple daily tasks or more complex jobs.

Usually in Lithuania there are several options which you can choose from when looking to hire new workers in a company. Free recruitment services are provided by the State Labour Exchange Office, paid services provided by the private recruitment companies, employers may also recruit staff by advertising their open positions on the internet, their own websites or through private contacts. These are four major ways how it is done in Lithuania.

Recruiting with the State Labour Exchange Office

Lets talk first about free services provided by the State Labour Exchange Office. This is a very good starting point if you are looking to hire any post graduated students or any other person who currently doesn‘t have a job. Because all persons have to be registered in The State Labour Exchange Office if they quit or loose a job in Lithuania.

Ofcourse as a government institution they might be not so professional offering you potential workers and sometimes working too slow. But you don‘t have what to loose, their services don‘t cost anything. Their main objective is in one or another way to find jobs for jobless people no matter what.

You will need to announce available job position in your company. It is possible to do through their website or by coming to their office. That‘s it. After a while you will start getting suggestions to your email about potential persons which meets your requirements. Then you may call them for an interview and decide which one to hire, netherless there is no obligation for you to hire if you don‘t find any right person.

Recruiting with private recruitment agencies

There are quite several recruitment agencies and private persons in Lithuania none of them is the best one, so it might take a while deciding which one to choose. Their pricing is also more or less the same. The average fee for recruiting one worker may vary 800-1500 Euros, it all depends what kind of a worker you are looking for to hire and how hard will be to find one suitable for you. Such agencies have their own and as well using other agencies databases of persons looking for a job.

In this case it is good that you can find persons who are already working in other companies but willing to switch to other company. Like in State Labour Exchange Office you will find only un-employed persons, it is not allowed to be registered and have a job at the same time. So this can be only advantage for you.

After initial election of potential persons agencies are contacting them by phone and having initial interview. In second stage they are calling them to come for an interview in their own office, during this interview they might ask applicants to do any specific tasks to check their abilities for your job position. After final interview they select few the best suitable candidates and provides their details and results to you, then final decision is up to you which one to choose.

Recruiting by advertising and personal contacts

All recruitment process can be handled by your own. If you decide that you want to choose the worker. You will have to prepare requirements and explanation about available position and put it usually on the recruitment websites. Then candidates will be seeing your ad and will decide if they want to apply for a position by sending their own CV for your review.

Inserting an online ad might cost you more or less 200 Eur and you will have to do all the hard work by contacting and interviewing all applicants and finally deciding which one to hire.

Ofcourse the best solution would be to hire someone through recommendations and personal contacts. Then you would avoid all this hassle while hiring necessary staff.

Hiring and firing employees in a Lithuanian company

After you have decided who you want to hire is is a time to start filling necessary documents for employment. First of all new employee has to provide his name, surname, national identification code, address, health certificate and bank account. Then it is possible to start preparing employment contract.

In the employment contract there has to be indicated these details as minimum:

  1. Employee details;
  2. Employer details;
  3. Working place address;
  4. Position in the company;
  5. Agreed wage;
  6. Hours of work;
  7. Probationary period (maximum of 3 months);
  8. Date when employee is starting to work,

There might be included and much more details in the contracts, but these are the main ones.

Employer willing to fire an employee has to strictly follow rules and actions set by the Labour code. There might be various different situation but in general there are few major rules. Employer may fire a worer due to workers fault or without any workers fault. Employee has to be given a notice one month in advance about his firing and pay him out a compensation of half or two monthly salaries, depending on situations.