Prices For Services in Lithuania

Updated: 2023-05-18

Here you will find out how much exactly does it cost to register a company in Lithuania, obtain a business visa, work permit in Lithuania or apply for a residence permit. Please fill bellow your name, email address and you will receive to your email our latest pricing with special offers which we have recently updated. We do not publish our pricing on our website because pricing due to local regulations might be changing at any time. So we prefer to provide you only latest pricing personally.

We do provide best prices because we work directly, excluding the middle man, other agencies fee on top of our base price. Therefore our prices might be lower 2x 3x 4x or even 5x  times comparing what other agents might be offering for the same services we provide. So don’t be surprised.

    Payment terms

    We are a private lawyer company and don’t get any consignations or financial backing from our local government to operate our office, therefore we are charging our clients for the services we provide for them.

    Registering a company, preparing documents for a residence permit, or any other visa documentation requires our time and involves a lot of professional legal work to be done at our side. Which sometimes might look simple for clients who doesn’t see how much hard work and dedication our back office puts in each case. Along with case processing there are involved government, notary, translators and other related fees which have to be covered.

    We have to cover all expenses related with the case and assure that our lawyers will get paid for the job they are doing, for this reason all our fees has to be prepaid in advance before starting to work on a clients case. Only working in this way we can assure you the highest quality of the services.