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Each day we are getting dozens of inquiries and our profesionals dedicate a lot of time by providing consultations via email free of charge as much as possible. It is not that you’re not welcome to give us a call or a visit, but e-mail means we can work on more tasks at the same time during the business day. If you don’t get an answer, it’s not because we don’t care, but simply because there are only 8 business  hours in a day.

To combat the situation we have made a paid consultation service you may book to get a professional consultation in your preffered way via WhatsApp call or live meeting. In this way seriously interested clients will be assured to get a priority professional consultation on time.

The consultation fee that you pay will be credited to you for 14 days. If you will order any services from us within 14 days, the paid fee will be deducted from the final service fee, therfore the consultation will not cost you anything. Otherwise the fee will remain as a profeesional fee paid to us for a one time consultation.

We also kindly ask you to read the information on our website before you send us an e-mail. Over half of the questions we get via mail are plain and clearly stated on our website.

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